Great Big Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for helping me make this trip the success that it was. Without all of you it would not have been possible. Saturday evening at the dinner / dance was just a wonderful closure for the event. The food was fantastic and the band was awesome. And it was a great surprise to see Senator Brewer there with his presentation to me. Just wonderful and Thank You all again for everything. Jesse

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Dinner & Dance

American Legion, Baldwinville, MA Saturday September 25 at 6 pm dinner Ham & Bean, $10.00, dancing starts at 8pm cost for just the dance is $5.00. Hope to see you there. Thank you again for all your donations and help with the trip.

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End of Trip

Well, we ended our trip at Lang’s Antique, Winchendon, MA on Thursday, August 19th and all went well. After totalling up the expenses, donations and final end results it looks like this: Expenses $28,680, donations $17,420 so my cost $11,260. However it was a great experience. Hope to see you at the dinner dance 9/25 in Baldwinville, MA will get you more details on this.
Maybe a few coins will fall from the sky so they can do this again or something close to it next year.
Maybe for the Vietnam Veterans or the newer wars.
But no matter for whom they will all benefit.

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Journey home bound

They will be at Lang’s Auto in Winchendon on Thursday after.
Article in the Old Forge PA paper to see go to nice article.
Working on the Benefit Diner & Dance I heard that the tickets are $10.00, and that it will probably be a Ham & Bean supper. with dancing starting at 8pm. More details to follow. Thank you for watching.

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Easton, PA

What a party, the entire town is out celebrating the day with our arrival. They have presented us with a certificate that August 14, each year will be Jesse Cole Day. this was presented by the Mayor and the guys feel very honored. Tomorrow they will be in Litchfield CT, where I and several other motorcycles will go down and meet them and follow them home. Also, mark your calendar for September 25, for a diner & dance at the American Legion, Baldwinville, MA more details to follow.

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Canandaigua, NY

At the Canandaigua VA Hospital, we presented them with a check to help out the veterans. From there the fan bearing broke. We were taken to Mr. Shanks Trucking where he took the fan to a machine shop for them to repair. Hopefully all of this will work. We went along to the steam show which makes Orange Steam Show look tiny, what a hugh place. The later on we will be going to the car show, hope the T is fixed for that. Saturday we will be at Easton PA for the Legion.

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Lyme, NY

Stopped for the night at Lyme NY. The motel is right across the street from the VFW, went to meet with them and they are haveing a great time. Will be at Canandaigua NY tomorrow.

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