Stopped in New Mexico

Traveling along through Oklahoma just fine, got stopped by Trooper Brown — looking for a log book? Explained the situation and he was very pleased to see the support that the DAV has. Headed to Arizona to the Grand Canyon, hopefully the wind will stop by then.


About modeltcrossingamerica

guitar player, willie nelson fan. driving across America to raise money for the DAV
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2 Responses to Stopped in New Mexico

  1. Love what you guys are doing! I’m from Massachusetts and have been following your trip via the Recorder and finally got to this blog. What a fantastic journey! Keep up the great effort as you cross one of my favorite states – Arizona! I will donate this weekend. Cheers!

  2. Dave Seiler says:

    Looking forward to your visit to the OC. We’ll get a few Model T’ers together and visit with you when you get in our area. Love what you are doing and support you all the way.

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