Old Forge, PA

Stopped in Old Forge PA guided into town by the Chief of Police, met the Veterans which gave us a catered luncheon and a super reception. They really know how to support those trying to support others in need. They were given a plaque with the keys to the town of Old Forge. They really felt honored today with such great people and all the Veterans, and are still at the VFW entertaining. Hope I didn’t leave anything out, will make an edit later on or just a new entry. Stay tuned and thank you for watching.

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On the Road Again

They are headed back to NC to finish their trip, they will be stopping at local VFW to see the folks and have scheduled stops in Old Forge NY, Aug. 10 Canandaigua, NY on Aug. 12 till noon and Buffalo area at the old car show in the afternoon, and Easton, PA on 8/14 and at Morgan Weir Post 27, Litchfield, CT on the 15th. Will let you know as soon as I hear from them how things are going. Hopefully can finish without any breakdowns!

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Stars & Stripes Parade

The Stars & Stripes parade was the largest they have ever had in Lyndonville on Saturday. The Model T was the leader following the Grand Marshall. Everybody seemed to be very interested in their journey and what they are trying to do for the DAV. During the parade he picked up two children that rode with him through the parade and was told they will never forget that ride.
They will be at Dillon Chevrolet, Main St. Greenfield, MA on Wednesday, July 21 at 1:30. Hope to see you there.

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Lyndonville, VT

Headed out to Lyndonville VT where they are having a parade on Saturday, July17. The Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the event, if you would like more information please contact them. Scheduling for upcoming events will be listed shortly as they are getting ready for the end of the journey.

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Work in Progress

The Model T comes homeWorking on the T, got it put back together, took it for a spin, got a flat tire, got caught in the downpours, and got drenched. Got a ride home to get vehicle, went back to get tire, found that the tube got pinched and now had a pinhole in it. Replaced the tube, got everything back together and the car would not start. Got a pull start, but it was so wet that it would not run. Had to be towed home. Got more work to do tomorrow on it. Still need to align the wheels, that’s a couple of day’s project. See you again, next time.

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Asheville NC to Massachusetts

After spending two days in Asheville, NC, being on TV, radio and many movie cameras around the guys headed home as there are more serious wheel problems than first anticipated. Once they are repaired, they will be leaving to finish their trip. While here they will be lining up other stops along the way for the awareness of the DAV and what they do for the American Veteran. Please don’t forget to watch where they will be next. Enjoy!

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Photos of the Trip from Vets Helping Vets

Click this long link


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