Hurst TX Weekend

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Asheville NC

Stopped at the VA Medical Center, Asheville, enjoyed seeing everyone, had a great visit. Will be in Asheville till Saturday. TV was there today recording them, they will be on tonight WLOS channel 13. Will have many stops right there in Asheville as there is a very large community of Veterans, Medical Center, VFW’s, and American Legions. Hope to be able to visit with all of them before leaving on Saturday. For everyone down here hope to see you at the park.

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Hurst, TX

Great People, weather, events, everything was just so perfect. Could not have been a more enjoyable stay. Things just fell into place, at the car show, people were so responsive to the 94 year old car and could not believe that it was being driven some 6000+ miles. Can’t say enough about the weekend. Headed to Louisiana.

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The News from Mineral Wells, TX

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Repairing and Change in Location to Hurst TX

Very Nice! Jim & Jesse are now here @ the house.
The Saturday night gig has been moved from Grapevine to Hurst as follows:

DAV Model T Cross Country Tour with Jesse and James at The American Legion Post 379 Hurst Texas @ 6pm on Saturday the 12th of June. Please come by and show your support to Disabled American Veterans ~ Please add a note to the blog as the American Legion is Bigger!

It seems that there was a bit of wheel trouble happening and being unnoticed until today. It appears that the rivets holding the wooden spokes on were coming off. So they got out the rivets and had to replace three on one side and two on the other side. This could have been very serious if they had not noticed it. Thankfully they did and all is well. They will be ready for the car show tomorrow.

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Getting Ready for Grapevine TX

Change of Venue from Grapevine VFW to The American Legion Post 379 in Bedford
due to delay in remodeling of the VFW.

Live in Texas or Oklahoma? Meet Jesse Cole and Jim Whitcomb, 
Multi-tour Vietnam Veterans on Saturday @ 6pm American Legion
Post 379 in Bedford Texas.

Jesse Cole and long-time friend Jim Whitcomb have traveled the country in a 1916 Ford Model T to benefit Disabled American Veterans. They will be meeting with military personnel from Fort Hood and Veterans from the Dallas/Fort Worth area before meeting up with Willie Nelson.

Together, Mr. Cole and Mr. Whitcomb talked about doing something to benefit Veterans and came up with the idea of a trip to travel across America in Jesse’s Model T, building awareness and support for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization.

Mr. Cole and Mr. Whitcomb from Petersham, Massachusetts are completing their last leg of their 6000 mile journey in Mr. Coles Model T where they met with Jay Leno a few weeks ago in Burbank California.

During the trip they have met with Veterans from organizations such as AmVets, The American Legion, The Legion Riders, DAV, The VFW and Vets Helping Vets.

James Whitcomb is a disabled Vietnam Veteran, who was in the United States Marine Corps serving three tours of duty in Vietnam and returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Mr. Cole states; “I love to sing and play guitar and together we have stopped periodically to entertain people along the entire route.” Semper Fi, reminds us of travelling in the 50s and 60s on old Route 66 some would say.

The DAV Model T Cross Country Tour will be in Grapevine Texas at VFW Post 10454 6pm on Saturday the 12th of June. Please invite your friends to help support Disabled American Veterans.

The Model T Local Tour will be meeting with Legion Riders for an escort from Tom Thumb grocery at 612 Grapevine Hwy Hurst, Texas at 5:00 pm and travel to the VFW Post at 221 North Main Street, Grapevine, Texas.

Legion Riders and Patriot Guard riders from across northern Texas are encouraged to join in the ride to help disabled Veterans.

The Model T and the escort should arrive at approximately 6:00 pm at the Grapevine VFW. Active Duty, Military Recruiters, Veterans, Legion Riders and American Patriots from all walks of life are encouraged to show up.

All are welcome. You are invited to come on out and cheer on these Vietnam Vets ~

No charge for admission but donations to the DAV will be greatly appreciated.

To learn more about the trip, visit

Media Contacts:

DAV Model T Across Country Coordinator
Wayne Whitcomb

Hope to see everyone this weekend!

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A Weekend Planned in Grapevine TX

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